Haraka (Movement)

Whether in group classes, individual hands-on sessions, online courses or one day workshops, I derive great joy from guiding clients into relearning movement and reclaiming range and ease without aches and pains. Experiencing the lightness and freedom available to our bodies comes from having a choice, and learning how to re-organize ourselves and improve the quality of our lives. 

In Movement learning you can step closer to your desires as you become more aware and comfortable in your organization and orientation in space, instead of being limited by lack of abilities and the doom of limited means and possibilities.

Group Learning

As a certified Awareness Through Movement (ATM) Instructor, I offer group lessons on a regular basis both online and in person.

What to expect in an ATM lesson:

  • That you will learn something new
  • That your idea of comfort might be changed or challenged
  • That the floor and your environment will become a bigger part of your experience
  • That you will feel and encounter your body, thoughts and emotions in a new way.
  • That movement may become a curiosity instead of a burden, an opportunity for joy instead of a todo.
  • That you may feel more of you than ever before (trust me, that can be a big experience)

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One on One Sessions

Functional Integration sessions are one on one private sessions conducted by a certified Feldenkrais Method Practitioner. I offer these in my studio (and during the pandemic or for reasons of distance online). Functional Integration lessons (FI for short) are 1 hour long skeletal experiences. What that means is that they offer the client an opportunity to experience the depth of their bodies through the touch of the practitioner. As the name suggests, these sessions are concerned with learning to how integrate ease and clarity into the functions of our every day lives.

FI sessions are for you if:

  • You experience chronic or acute fatigue in a specific part of your body.
  • You have a desire to un-learn how you do things in order to re-learn a more adaptive way. 
  • You have a sense of propriety and responsibility towards your body and your somatic journey.
  • You are willing to get to know who you are. 
  • You are not looking for a fast easy fix.

Baraka (Uncovering patterns / Trauma Negotiation)

As long as we live, we develop patterns, experience trauma responses, develop complex emotions and have reactions to conflict.

Life is like that.

But can our experiences just be experiences and not life sentences?

Can we find ways of being in the world that enrich us and allow us to savor life instead of always interacting from our trauma and pain?

Can we react and engage in the world as we are, and see life for what it is?

I promise you none of these are catchy slogans.

This is all based on my personal journey, my learning and training as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), and my practice with clients in therapy and as a Feminine Embodiment support coach.

The somatic and emotional reclamation of your life, and the health of your nervous system are tied together.

We have learnt ways of being in the world in order to cope and survive with people, situations and/or environments that we could not control.

But if you are reading this now, I dare say you are ready to take charge of your life, and own your experience.
It is a slow step-by-step deconstruction of what no longer serves you.

And it is my honor to be on that path with you.

One on One Sessions

You know when you feel something waking within you? Something both familiar and unreal? Something you know but you can’t quite name?

Enter Somatic Experiencing (SE). A modality that is solid and flexible, gentle and firm, rooted in ancient wisdom, while utilizing the most up-to-date knowledge we have of the human body.

In the 60 minute SE session, you will come as close as you can to being your own friend, confidante and savior. And if that is too much for you, then you will come closer to being that than before.

I usually recommend a series of 8-12 sessions, with one session/week for my clients.

During our sessions we navigate who, how and what we are/ are feeling, and open up possibilities for who, how, what we need to settle, grow and reclaim our spiritual, physical and emotional bodies.

or send us an email: marwalsawi@gmail.com.

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