Movement is a blessing

(el) Haraka Baraka is a popular Egyptian saying, it literally translates to movement is a blessing.

Our bodies are built and designed to move and to guide us through the world as we navigate it.

And on that journey, our bodies learn from experiences, that more often than not, are neither pleasant nor simple.

And to cope we belittle the events and our reactions, or try to ignore the signs and the feelings all together. But then we suffer. From aches and pains, anxiety, fear, intrusive thoughts, or overwhelming emotions…We suffer any odd number of unexplainable symptoms.

Perhaps, if we slow down a little and learn to listen to our bodies, we will find the blessings beneath our pain. And we can begin to live and embody the present instead of being burdened by our past.

Perhaps the pain is but a messenger…let’s listen.

I have become aware of some beautiful connections in my body, understanding how even my eyeball is part of the movement. Marwa is able to hold a space and make you feel ‘seen’ without being intimidated, which made our SE sessions extremely fruitful. They have opened my eyes and heart to some really powerful realizations and I’m truly grateful.

– Hana Shokr

My name is Marwa al-Sawi

I am a Feldenkrais® Method Awareness Through Movement instructor and Functional Integration® Practitioner, and a Somatic Experiencing ®Therapist. I am also a Somatic Educator for Feminine Embodiment.

I call myself the movement learning coach and trauma negotiator, it’s easier to remember than all the titles of the practices I’m certified in.

I was not always grounded and in my body. Intense grief, anger, sadness and a sense of being broken used to better describe me. Chronic pain and wear and tear in my joints and vertebrae confined my ability to move.

I owe much of my current grounding and growth to the modalities I practice.

Through them I have learnt to embrace myself and find more and more safety, pleasure and comfort in the day to day, and in the big surges (experiences) that life brings us.

I want you to know that you, too, can shift the quality of your life and your experiences.

I am not broken and neither are you.

How can I serve you?

Haraka (Movement)

Step closer to your desires and un-learn habits of pain and fatigue. Meet your body where there is abundant intelligence, and set her free!

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Baraka (Uncovering patterns / Trauma Negotiation)

Emotional reclamation and nervous system health are possible, and here for you. You are NOT your story. You are more than the sum of your parts!

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"Be Here Now" Book Club

An inspiring collective interested in expanding understanding, compassion and embodied knowing through direct experience.

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Audio Library

I believe it is our right to find regulation and settling regardless of our financial means or geographic location. In the audio library you will find short guided explorations to help you find some settling in our fast paced days.

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