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Embracing Life Circle

Women-only journey into embodiment
In Awareness Through Movement lessons, and in Somatic Experiencing sessions, perhaps also in yoga and mindfulness practices, we are asked to sense how we are. How we experience our presence at the moment, our sense of self in space as a direct or immediate felt sense.

But how do we access that?

Where do we begin?

How can we navigate our sensations without getting overwhelmed?

Can we learn to welcome ourselves, as we are?

Embracing Life Circle

The Embracing Life Circle is a women-only journey into embodiment. A gentle invitation to come home to ourselves, away from concepts of right and wrong, shoulds and shouldn’t.
“I don’t think I knew the extent to which I was holding myself back from being. So much doing and achieving and very little sense/being. I’m glad I’m here. Glad to be slowly chiseling this barrier between me and sensuality- reality”
This is what I wrote during my training in somatic erotic education. Exploring presence and spaciousness I found lightness and sense-reality, sensuality. An experience that has grounded me into…me!!

In the Embracing Life Circle, I would like to offer you that experience. A practice of sensing and opening up to the present, to eros; the energy of life. Embracing life with its curious ways, and embracing ourselves, as we are.

Over 4 sessions spread out between July and August, we will explore through movement sequences, gentle touch, journaling, and space holding, how it is we can meet ourselves where we are at, “in these spaces in between”.

No previous know-how is necessary.

All sessions will be online via zoom.

Audio recordings can be arranged if you are going to miss a session.

The dates for Embracing Life Circle are:
Tuesday, July 13th at 7 pm

Tuesday, July 27th at 7 pm

Wednesday, August 4th at 6 pm

Wednesday, August 18th at 6 pm

The summer offer is LE 1000 ($63.74 USD) for all 4 sessions.
For payments, please, make payment in CIB (online or through their cardless ATMs)

Account name: Marwa el sawy

Account number: 100043334276

Please send me a photo or a screenshot to when the payment is made successfully.
Breathe the grass

Taste the dew

Inhale the soil

You failed

You broke

Life broke

Kiss the brokenness

And receive

Your true self is hidden

In these spaces in between

-Maya Luna

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